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How-To – Use Gradle inside Visual Studio Code to build your Kotlin/Native applications (on a Mac)


In my last How-To – Build and run a Kotlin/Native application with Visual Studio Code on macOS I showed you how to setup, build, and run your first Kotlin/Native application using the barebone Kotlin/Native compiler inside Visual Studio Code (VSC). With Gradle, all the previous steps can be automated in just a couple of easy steps. Moreover, with Gradle, it becomes also… weiterlesen »

How-To – Build and run a Kotlin/Native application with Visual Studio Code on macOS

Kotlin programming on macOS

A short but hopefully complete introduction of how to setup Visual Studio Code (VSC) to build and run Kotlin/Native apps on macOS (High Sierra as of the date this How-To is written). Some basic developer knowledge is assumed, like knowing how to start the macOS Terminal, having XCode and the command line tools installed, and using a text editor like vim… weiterlesen »

Short Note: Performing actions on certain events with a continuous state NSSlider (Swift 3 / Xcode 8.x)

This took me a while, because Apple documentation is horribly outdated and incomplete regarding Cocoa and Swift, to say the least. Background If you need an NSSlider that sends its current value continuously to keep e.g. a label or some other UI elements in sync while the user is dragging the slider’s knob, you set the state of the slider… weiterlesen »